Here are a collection of testimonials from students and colleagues.

“Daniel I just want to thank you for giving me a strong belief that I might be able to play the guitar to a reasonable standard . When I came to you three months ago I was giving my self one last chance before moving on to another project. After each lesson I leave with high motivation and enriched with new practice routines, techniques and musical understanding. The only thing holding me back is the lack of hours in the day to practice all you have taught me”.

Patrick, Horsham

“I’d been playing bass for a while but had hit a wall, I started lessons with Dan and haven’t looked back, all aspects of my playing have improved, my musical understanding,Technique and general musicianship are much better than they were. Dan’s Musical knowledge and style of teaching are excellent, he’s friendly and put me at ease straight away, I would highly recommend him as a teacher.”

Dave, Surrey

“In the next few paragraphs I will describe why I consider Dan Dotor to be a superb professional Bass tutor.  I hope that by the end of reading it, you will understand why I recommend him to you so unreservedly. Although I have found the work with Dan challenging, I have never felt put under  pressure, therefore I have been able to enjoy the time in the lessons much more and have found I can do as much or as little practice as I wish.  Dan trusts me to go at my own pace and this has meant I have made comfortable and very pleasing progress. A previous bass teacher, used to throw tracks at me and I always felt as though I was preparing for a judged performance each week, I hated it. Dan is extremely observant and has an astonishing ear for music, but he doesn’t use these observational skills to nit-pick.  He can pick up on the minutiae in my fingering, play and picking, but in pointing things out I never feel knocked back or demoralised, it always feels like we have a momentum to our work together. Dan and I are able to work co-operatively, with me bringing my aspirations and he, where appropriate, firmly offering specific advice on technique and approaches.  This means I have been able to really move forward in leaps and bounds. I have so far had 18 lessons with Dan, and intend to continue working with him. My progress with Dan in terms of confidence, enjoyment and results have been very pleasing.  I don’t think I could praise him more highly, I would strongly suggest you give Dan a call, book a lesson and get going. I believe you will be very pleased with your decision”.

Jonathan, Horsham

“Dan has always been one of my favourite bass players to work with, great musicality with an ability to make any band feel good. In the last 8 years I have worked with Dan in a variety of genres on electric and upright bass and I have a firm belief that he is a must call for anyone wanting first class bass playing.”

Ollie Boorman – Professional Drummer

“Daniel Dotor is the one of the most talented players I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.”

Nik Carter – Session Drummer